Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Yamakoya Ramen Surawongse

Pat and Suriyon try Yamakoya Ramen shop on Surawongse Rd. Yamakoya has recently opened a couple of shops in Bangkok metro area.

Their signature menu is Yamakoya Ramen. It's Chashumen that comes with soft-boiled egg.
The ramen noodle is thin and round. The roasted pork "Chashu" is very tender and juicy. The soup Dashi is thick with taste and aroma. The egg has been boiled in low heat for two days. The yolk is creamy and sticky.


Anonymous ผมเกือบเห็นสายรุ้ง said...

อร่อยอย่างแท้ เสียอย่างเดียวข้น คลั่ก จนคนที่ไปด้วยไม่ยอมกินอีกแล้วค้าบ

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