Saturday, November 19, 2005

Radsart Share

Kay's Radsart friends are getting together every month for a meal. They have this meeting at Guan Ah

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Loy Kratong Celebration

We celebrate Loy Kratong without any kratong at Pla Dip, a hip restaurant in Soi Aree. from left: Top, Pat, Babe, Kluay, Art, Jennifer, Kay, Or, Panit and Suriyon.

Jennifer brings along her boyfriend, Yuth.

Two big bellies. Or is 5 months prenant but Ann is not even conceive a baby.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Long Awaited Shanghai Noodle

Mon is having Shanghai noodle from Scala Restaurant at home. Mon has been waiting for this for about a year. The last time Mon had this noodle was before he went to the US .


Snoopy is so tired.

Chinese mini-opera show in Chengdu

Quick mask changing show


Shadow play

Starbucks in Chengdu.

p'Aoi in plastic raincoat.

Beautiful calligraphy

Two Kings Temple in front of Du Jiang Yian Dam.

Na Add: Salute! more whisky please.

Kay rides white Yak.

Pam and Koi are very happy to have this photo taken with our local tour guide. He doesn't know any English at all but Pam and Koi said he is cute.

Mon tries to be cute.

Dad in his North Face jacket that keeps him nice and warm in front of Panda Fall.

Bamboo Arrow Lake where they shoot "Hero".

Pat, Kay and Koi in front of Sword Tip Peak.


Mom loves changing-color-leaves.

Tribal show.

Mon tries Tibetian Tea. It comes with Yak milk, Yak butter, powdered barley and powdered fruit. Tastes great! really!

K.Sathit needs some Oxygen.

What's the name of this fall?

Senior citizens rest and wait for those 10-minute-Tibetians.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

For 10 Yuan, you can be Tibetian for 10 minutes.

Look at the color of the lake in the background!

Mirror Lake

Kay and Koi play Ping Pong in Jiu Zhai Gou Sheraton's entertainment center.

Another Engrish translation.

full of Inscent smoke

An Engrish translation in Pao Sian temple.

2 lazy giant pandas are having a good time in Panda's sanctuary near Cheng Du.

Shopping street in Cheng Du

Cool sculpture at Guan Yu (of The Romance of Three Kingdoms) temple in Cheng Du.

Sal Phra Poom of Caesar's Palace

Las Vegas (for the 10th time)

The Venetian