Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Auai's 30th Birthday Party @Kalaprapruek

Shawn throws a birthday party for Auai at Kalaprapruek, All Seasons Place.

Birthday Girl! Auai is 30 years old on Dec 23, 05

Auai, Tuk, Pla, Jaew and Lek

pTop presents Auai her birthday present.

Kay and Mon also have a tiffany-color-box for Auai.

pLek is very surprised to learn that Auai wears L-size Burberry shirt.

pJaew, pPla, pLek, pChompoo and pGolf have a big present for Auai.

Auai and Koi

NongTip, Nid, p'Mhong, Koi and Kay.

Big and Thamas

Pat's birthday is also Dec 23. She also gets present from these guys and gals on this occasion.

Shawn with his in-trend hair style.

Mon in his Office

Mon is alone in his office at I.D. Chula U. He is also very sleepy. It's 2.30 in the afternoon. ZZzzzzz.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Ruan Petch Suki on New Petchaburi Rd.

Ruan Petch Suki is an old style sukiyaki restaurant. The place is messy, dirty and crowd but it is also wonderfully delicious!

Bee+: I want to go to Disneyworld in Florida.
Art: How about Dreamworld Rangsit?

Monday, December 19, 2005

Kay's first day at work

Kay's first day at work. She is now working for Kasikorn Bank as a Relationship Manager in Multi-corporate Business Department.

Kay bought her new G2000 suit for her first day at work.

Snoopy will become a daddy very soon.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Chinese Lesson with Lao Shi Maytha

Lao shi Maytha of Xing Qi Tian School gives us (Kay, Pat, Ajarn Suriyon and p'Aey Tiger) Chinese lessons. Lao shi Maytha was one of my students at I.D. Chula. He dropped out when he was in 3rd year. He's been working as a Chinese interpreter and teaching Chinese ever since. He founded Xing Qi Tian School about 3 years ago.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Expecting Mother

Minnie is expecting puppies, Kay is not expecting any baby soon. Minnie's due date is around Jan 2 but Dad said it might be Dec 23 (Pat's birthday).

Monday, December 05, 2005

ID 66 Informal Party @Tiger Beer Suan Lump

Moo, Jack, Aey, Eee, Narm, Jul, Pop, Chanop, Yim

Pop, Pinpach, Ball

Juladit is working on Nong Lin, our Tiger Beer Pretty.